eConsent flow on EMR

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Sign the Consent #

  1. Select a Patient by searching from the search bar.
  2. Go to EMR.
  3. Go to the Progress note against the Scheduled Appointment or Walk-in Appointment.
  4. Click on the Preview tab.



  • Click on the Consents under Preview.
  • Click on the Add button to add consent against the progress note.



  • A popup containing different consents will appear.
  • Add the required consent by checking the checkbox.
  • Close the popup window.



  • The consent will be added.
  • The Provider can Edit the consent by clicking on the Edit icon, before signing (either by the patient or himself).
  • Providers can only edit the consent of their patients if it is not yet Signed.



  • Scroll down the added consent.
  • Select the radio button for Signatures.
  • Click on the Sign button.



  • Consent will be Signed by the patient.
  • Consent cannot be edited or deleted once it is signed.
  • Now click on the Sign button for Provider.



  • Sign of the Provider will be applied.
  • Consent is now signed by the Provider.



  • If the Notes are accessed by a different user, no Sign button will appear on consent as you can see in the below image.



  • Added consents can be viewed in the progress note.
  • In EMR, Click on the Progress Notes.



  • Scroll down the Progress Note.
  • Under Patient Consents, consents are listed.
  • Signed by Patient, and Signed by Doctor can be seen from the underlined icons.



  • If a Procedure is added to the Progress Note, its corresponding Consent form is auto-populated in the Patient Consents.
  • It can be edited or signed in the same way as illustrated above.

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