How to do E-Posting

Table of Contents

E-Posting #

  • Go to Billing
  • Click on Bills



  • Search the Patient with Patient Id



  • Select the Claim
  • Click on the Submit Button



  • Confirm the action by clicking on the Yes Button



  • The claim is Submitted successfully and gone from the Bills
  • The claim is sent to the Trizetto for ERA Processing
  • The submitted claim is sent now to the ERA
  • Select the ERA from the drop-down for E-Posting
  • Click on the action Open against the required record



  • Click on the action Post for the claim to E-post



  • Charges for all the fields are entered automatically
  • Click on the Save Button



  • Confirm the Action by clicking on the Yes Button



  • The Posted Record is now appearing in Billing -> Patient -> Billing History


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