How to Charge the Cancel Appointment Fee?

Cancel Appointment Through Email #

  • ¬†An appointment is scheduled with the patient



  • An email is sent to the patient to Confirm or Cancel the appointment
  • If the patient wants to Cancel the Appointment then the patient clicks on the Cancel Appointment Button



  • If the patient cancels his appointment within 24 hours prior to the appointment then the charges of No Show will be applied to the patient.



  • The patient Confirms his action by clicking on the Yes Button



  • The Appointment will be canceled successfully.



  • Now the status of the appointment will be changed to Cancel and the charges of No Show will be added to the patient balance.



  • No Show charges will also appear in the patient’s billing history



  • Appointments can also be canceled via SMS


How to Set the Cancellation Charges #

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Appointment Type



  • Click on the Reason



  • Click on the Edit Icon against the required appointment reason



  • A pop-up of Create Appointment Reason will be opened



  • Uncheck the Location No Show Policy checkbox and enter the Cancellation Fee
  • Click on the Add Button



  • Cancellation Fee is successfully Added against the Appointment Reason



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