How to add Workers’ Compensation Health (WCH) Insurance

Add Workers’ Compensation Health Insurance #

If the patient has paid against a DOS and the practice needs to issue a refund while billing to the insurance, it mustĀ  add Workers’ Compensation Health insurance (WCH insurance) against the date of service for the corresponding progress note. This is necessary so that a bill can be submitted to the insurance.

  • Go to Settings -> Insurance Carriers


  • Click on the Add button


  • Fill in the details to create an Insurance Carrier
  • Click on the Update button

  • Now click on the Payment icon


  • Select the checkbox of WCH
  • Click on the Update button

  • Now go to Patient -> Insurance
  • Select the DOS of the Progress Note against which a refund is required
  • Click on the Add Ins button

  • Select the WCH radio button
  • Fill in the details
  • Click on the Save button

  • The Insurance is added

  • Now go to the Billing -> Patient -> Billing History
  • Click on the Pro Code of the DOS

  • Now there is a Bill To Insurance button appearing
  • Click on the Bill To InsuranceĀ button

  • Now the Bill is for Insurance
  • Now the charges paid by the Patient are shown as Adv Pay (Advance Payment)
  • The patient Refund button also appears to refund the charges to the Patient
  • For a refund, click on the Patient Refund button

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