How to Schedule an Appointment

Table of Contents

Schedule an Appointment #

  1. Choose your Location.
  2. Select a Patient.
  3. Go to the Schedule module.
  4. Select a Date from the Calendar.
  5. Select the Providers from the dropdown of checkboxes.
  6. Select a time slot and click on it.


  • A popup to Create Appointment will be opened.
  • Provider can also be selected from the dropdown.
  • The Time slot selected can be seen in the Grey color.
  • Go to the right section and write the Patient Notes.


  • Scroll down the right section and select an Appointment Reason from the dropdown.
  • It will show the Time slot for the selected Appointment Reason.
  • Select a Time Variation from the dropdown if required.
  • Then Add this selected Time Variation to the slot by clicking on the blue + icon.
  • Now Start Time and End Time are changed accordingly.
  • The selected slot can be seen in the Grey color in the left section.
  • Write the Appointment Notes.
  • Click on the Create button.


  • Appointment Created successfully, can be seen in the Yellow color. The yellow color represents the selected patient.

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