How to Add Smart Phrases from EMR

Smart Phrases (EMR > Progress Notes) #

  • Go to the EMR module after selecting a Patient.
  • Go to the Progress Notes tab.
  • Click on the Settings icon of the Type of the Phrase like Past Medical History in the example below.


  • A popup will be opened.
  • Type of Smart Phrase is selected.
  • Select the Provider from the dropdown.
  • Click on the Add button.


  • Write a Name, Title, and Template of the Smart Phrase.
  • Select the Locations from the dropdown of the checkboxes.
  • Select the Type from the dropdown.
  • Select a Provider from the dropdown.
  • There will be Edit Access to the Administrator if you don’t change the Provider.


  • If you select Providers from the dropdown of checkboxes.
  • You can grant them Edit Access by selecting the checkbox.
  • Click on the Save button.


  • The Smart Phrase will be added.

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