How to Sign Notes from MD Tab

Table of Contents

MD Tab #

  • Go to the MD module for a selected Patient.
  • Unsigned notes are there in the Unsigned tab like a total of 247 notes in the image below.
  • The unsigned note of the selected patient is yellow.
  • Dx Codes, MA, MA’s Assigned date, Provider, etc can be seen in the record.


  • Multiple Notes can be selected.
  • A Provider can be selected from the dropdown to view his notes.
  • Users can also search the Note from the Search bar.


  • A Note can be Transferred to another Physician.
  • Select a Note/Notes.
  • Click on the Transfer Notes button.


  • A popup to select a Physician will be displayed.
  • Select it and click on the Transfer Note button.


  • Now the Physician has been changed.


  • For Signing the Note, Select the record or multiple records and Click on the Sign Note button.


  • A popup to verify the Referring Letter will be opened.
  • Verify and click on the Save button.


  • 1 Note Successfully Signed message will be displayed.
  • Now the Note is moved to the Signed tab.
  • All the Signed Notes are displayed in the Signed tab.


  • Referring Letters are displayed in the Referring Letter tab.


  • Tele Consults can be seen in the Tele Consults tab.


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